Private Label Septic Fizzytabs

Septic fizzytab label

Private Label Septic Fizzytabs

Septic Fizzytabs are a unique, monthly septic tank treatment. Fizzytabs are designed for two things. First, they are a very effective

Septic Fizzytabs Front Label

Septic Fizzytabs Front Label

product and secondly to make money for septic tank professionals.

Distributing Septic Fizzytabs is an effective way for septic professionals to make extra money. And lets face it, in this economy every revenue source must be investigated and maximized.

Private labeling septic  fizzytabs is a great way to increase revenue for your business. Private labeling allows your contact information on the label. That way reorders go directly to you. There is no additional charge for private labeling. However, some minimum purchase amounts apply.

There are three types of private label options with septic fizzytabs.

  1. Simple – A sticker label with your company name and contact information on our existing label.
  2. Preprinted existing labels with your company information printed on the label.
  3. Design your own, unique label.

Lets, talk about each option.

1) The easiest option is the first. We’ll preprint some address label stickers and place them on each label before delivery to you. The minimum purchase amount for this option is one case of 20 yearly supplies.

2) Secondly, we can have your contact information printed on the labels at the time of printing. Obviously, this looks more professional. Minimum purchase is 10 cases of 20 yearly supplies.

3) Finally, you can design your own, customized label. The design and printing costs would be yours. Once the labels are complete, simply send us the labels and we’ll package the fizzytabs at no additional charge to you. There is no minimum purchase for this option.

Distributing Septic Fizzytabs are a great way for septic professional to make extra revenue for their company. By private labeling the product, reorders go directly to you.

Septic Fizzytabs are manufactured and distributed by Custom Biologicals. Custom manufactures a wide variety of biological products for use in a variety of industries. 

Contact Custom Biologicals for more information about private labeling Septic Fizzytabs.


Information about other beneficial microbes and beneficial Trichoderma, can be found here.

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Distributing Septic Fizzytabs

Welcome to the Custom Biologicals distributor site for Septic Fizzytabs!

Septic Fizzytabs Front Label

Septic Fizzytabs Front Label

On this site you’ll find information intended for distributors of septic fizzytabs.

Septic Fizzytabs are a unique, cost-effective septic tank maintenance product. Septic fizzytabs utilize the power of beneficial bacteria. They represent a significant money-making opportunity for septic tank professionals.

Contact Custom Biologicals at (561) 797-3008 or use the form.

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